Clapping! – With Uncle Pappy (A Tutorial)

Uncle Pappy is at it again in this nonstop thrill ride. This exciting tutorial experience is meant to help those of you that can’t figure out how to show your appreciation for people with your sorry excuses for somewhat flat surfaced hands.

Also, some YouTuber friends of Uncle Pappy, known to the world as Trike, put out a call for collaborative partners in a new video. They asked the YouTube community to video record themselves clapping. Uncle Pappy just wanted to add to their collaboration by showing you folks how to do this properly.

Check out Trike here:

A special thanks to Uncle Pappy’s good friend Breadfoot for the fancy banjo pickin tunage. If you dig him please check out his website for more of the man with bread feet:

Don’t forget to let Uncle Pappy know what you want to learn next, down in the comments section below!

If you dig the video, leave him some comments, and subscribe to the channel.

Created, Produced, Shot, Edited & Performed by
Brian A. Bernhard

Music by

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