GOTH! – With Uncle Pappy! (A “How To” Tutorial)

Greetings my frozen biscuit bakers. It sure is nippely outside during this wintertime season. Uncle Pappys nose keeps getting frost bitten  (just look how red it is!).  Pappy recently discovered a special culture of humanoid creatures that have been able to turn their hearts and souls into an icy shade of black as a way of coping with this cold weather. They call themselves “GOTH”, Uncle Pappy enlisted two of his pals from a special land called RVAFREAKS.COM to educate him on the ways of the GOTH. Maybe with these special “GOTH” skills, Pappy will not freeze his titties off! Get ready to meet Roach and Thorn!

(Be sure to keep watching the video past the logo for a special surprise)

A special thanks to Uncle Pappy’s good friend Breadfoot for the fancy banjo pickin tunage. If you dig him please check out his website for more of the man with bread feet:

Another special thanks to the fantastic band Things Outside The Skin for letting Pappy use their song “Town & Country” in this here episode. Check them out here:

Don’t forget to let Uncle Pappy know what you want to learn next, down in the comments section below!

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Created, Produced, Written, Shot & Performed by
Brian A. Bernhard

Special Guests
Roach & Thorn

Music by
Breadfoot & Things Outside the Skin

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