poster Polo Residence

The “Polo Residence” @ 794 27th St. Manhattan Beach

This beach town celebrity mansion, marked the first official video project we used our fancy new DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone on. I thought the design of the house itself was fascinating…the exterior architecture looked …

poster 5341 Calatrana Dr

A Beautiful Woodland Hills Home @ 5341 Calatrana Dr.

Another real-estate video, featuring a really cool unique home in Woodland Hills. However, my favorite part about the shoot was the most epic grapefruits growing on the tree in the backyard! Staging this one was …

poster 5928 Julian Lane

An Amazing Tarzana Ca. Luxury Home @ 5928 Julian Lane

We have recently been delving into the real-estate game.  Taking on the challenge of exploring the visual narrative of a luxury home. It’s a fascinating experience to visualize a home; especially when the home owners …