I love Blight the Clown – Testimonials(the video), Comic Strip #19, and a German adventure.

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Howdy there ladies N’ gentlemen, It’s been two weeks since my last posting.  I hope you all have managed to not lose your minds, too much.  I’ve got a goofy new video, featuring a bunch …


ALL NEW COMIC STRIP NUMBER 17, and a bunch of website updates.

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Good morning world, In an all new episode of Blight the Clown’s Missing Adventures, Chvad the Thug makes an honest confession, and our clowntastic hero speaks something that some might consider words for the first …


Blight and Chvad are at it again in an all new Missing Adventure & a couple of clips from AOSLI

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Come one… Come all… To the greatest lil’ comic strip on earth… It’s that time of the week… This time Chvad the Thug gets a little rude in… -The Missing Adventure of Blight the Clown …


Come dance with Blight the Clown, and a few other things.

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Howdy, You crazy bunch of boing boing boing on a purple pancake stick, with cheese. What have I got here…ohhh…you haven’t guessed yet? Well here it is, Blight Productions would like to present to you: …


Chvad the thug busts some caps in comic 13, Bitter middle age guy gets pissed for the first time, and more strange adventures in the land of Second Life

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So as you all know, or maybe you don’t know, Blight the Clown is the bass player in the super funky crazy industrial circus swamp rock band, “Things Outside The Skin.” Some of you that …