Chvad the thug busts some caps in comic 13, Bitter middle age guy gets pissed for the first time, and more strange adventures in the land of Second Life

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So as you all know, or maybe you don’t know, Blight the Clown is the bass player in the super funky crazy industrial circus swamp rock band, “Things Outside The Skin.” Some of you that have been following “The Missing Adventures of Blight the Clown”, may have been wondering when the singer/screaming bastard, “Chvad S.B.” of “T.O.T.S.”, would be entering the wonderful world of Blight the Clowns silly comic. Well, here it is. The debut of “Chvad the Thug” in:


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Something different:
I am sure you all remember my good friend (super crazy polka guy and star of “A CLOWN CAROL”) Barry Mitchell, well for all the years I have know him, I have been begging him to create a character and comedy skit based on his true self. The real thing is always funny. He came close to it in his performance of Scroogie the Clown in my little clown movie, but he nails is on the head in his latest Youtube video shenanigans:

-Bitter Middle Age Guy: On the Air-

For more Barry Mitchell check out his website here:

In other news:

The human psyche is a strange creature. There is this interesting social experiment going on right now, created by a company called Linden Labs. This social experiment takes the form of an online virtual world called Second Life. I have been experimenting with this “game” for a little while now trying to find interesting ways to utilize the technology for promoting my art and possible creating some legitimate form of virtual art. As you know, I have several ongoing projects in Second Life. One being a virtual art gallery for promoting my real world art (which has actually led to some real sales), I have created “T.O.T.S. Land”, a virtual head quarters for my band, and most recently, I have been working on a horror/ swamp themed sim. The Swamp sim is the largest project I have attempted in Second Life. It is basically a land to explore with lots of creepy shit. I will just list off several of the features I have created in this world: A Haunted Hotel, several shooting gallery games, pirate boat battles, swamp shacks, caves, a swamp boggin’ off-road racing game, and a virtual “outdoor” movie theater, showcasing classic horror movies. I tell you all this so you get a basis for how I use this game, as basically another tool to create art.

The reason I called this “game” a social experiment is because there are many people around the world who play this game on an entirely different level. The economy in this “game” is based on real money exchange, meaning you buy something in the game, you are spending real money. Someone gives you money in the game, you can cash it out for real money. There are some folks that have full time businesses based in this game, they actually make enough money “playing” this game that they have no need for real day jobs. Lets take this “game” a little deeper.

Over the past few months, I have gotten to know another artist in Second Life named “Eifachfilm Vacirca.” He is a really interesting fella from Switzerland. I got to know him while I was promoting my “Clown Carol” movie, he enjoyed the movie and contacted me. He has done some really amazing artistic things in the game, mostly using the medium of the game itself to create art. He has also done some cool stuff promoting film and video to the European audience (including my movie). Check out his website here: Recently, he let some student film makers come into his house and interview him about his experience with this “game” called Second Life. This is his story:


Well, thats it for this week,

Your Clown Pal,
Brian A. Bernhard
Blight the Clown


  1. Chvad SB says:

    OKOK… you didn’t kill me SOOO bad. Good job man!

  2. Sedona says:

    Bravo well done my fine swamp mud covered old man.

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