Come dance with Blight the Clown, and a few other things.

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You crazy bunch of boing boing boing on a purple pancake stick, with cheese.

What have I got here…ohhh…you haven’t guessed yet?

Well here it is, Blight Productions would like to present to you:

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The blog is short and simple this week, as I am still trying to edit down some stuff for you all and the day job combined with riding my bike like a crazy fool in 95% weather, has limited the time I have to be productive. I have made good progress on the “Clown Party 2” painting, I am just too tired to take a picture of it right now to post for you all, maybe next week.

In the meantime, here are some cool videos I found on Youtube that I did not make:

From the folks that brought you “Happy Tree Friends”, here is a taste of -DR. TRAN-

So, do you suck at Photoshop? Watch this amazing “tutorial” and maybe Donnie can help you learn a little something in, “YOU SUCK AT PHOTOSHOP”

Here is an amazing little bit of clowning, a nice little excerpt from Slava’s Snowshow:

So, you made it to the end of this weeks blog. Thank you. If you have been enjoying the weekly exploits of Bligh the Clown, as well as, my other crazy artistic projects, don’t be selfish! Tell everyone of your friends about Blight Productions! Tell them all to visit the website: and sign up to the mailing list. Do it now! I am doing this for you people. So your lives can be enriched by some clown love. Now go and spread that love all over the internet to everyone you know! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Twitter page and facebook fan page!

Your pal,
Brian A. Bernhard
Blight the Clown


  1. Chvad SB says:

    nice work man!

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