“Humans Are Weird!” (Official Promo) with Faeble Kievman

TO BE RELEASED ONLINE August 20th 2014:

HUMANS ARE WEIRD with Faeble Kievman! (An Artists Journey to Creative Freedom, Coming Soon)

WHAT: The world premiere of “A FOOL’S IDEA – PRESENTS: Faeble Kievman in “HUMANS ARE WEIRD.””

WHEN: Wednesday, August 20th 2014


Get ready to learn all about Faeble Kievman (FAFA), a gender-fluid eccentric circus artist, physical comedian and activist; who travels the world juggling massive clay pots, balancing giant umbrellas, singing songs, making people laugh and dancing for community.
10% of the proceeds raised through our Patreon page to support Faeble’s episode of the series will aid in the front-lines against abuse and be donated to!
A FOOL’S IDEA is an independently produced large-scale documentary project exploring the lives, loves, passions, fears, inspirations and work of some of the worlds most eccentric performing artists.  With over 16 short-form documentaries and 21 long-form podcast interviews and counting!

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Faeble Kievman

Music by
Carmela Sinco

Interview by
Brian A. Bernhard

Videography by
Brian A. Bernhard

Editing by
Brian A. Bernhard

Produced by
Blight Productions

Special Thanks To:
Anne Kugler
David Lichtenstein
Noah Mickens
Sisyphus Farms
The Alberta Rose Theatre
The Umbrella Festival of Circus & Comedy
Clowns Snot Bombs

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