things outside the skin


CLOWNLAND – A CLOWN-NOIR COMIC STRIP, Another LIFE STORY, and a whole bunch of T.O.T.S. live show dates!

Posted by Blight Productions on December 8, 2008  /   3 Comments

Well, howdy doo folks, It’s been a while since the last posting. I have been hard at work drawing my fingers to the bone and redesigning parts of the Blight Productions website. In this super …


Chvad the Thug works out some issues, Blight Productions Website Updates, More social Networks, and some DeviantART craziness!!!

Posted by Blight Productions on November 24, 2008  /   No Comments

Howdy folks, Welcome to another new edition of the Blight Productions half-hour-hour clown blog. In this weeks posting, Chvad the Thug works out some issues in THE MISSING ADVENTURES OF BLIGHT THE CLOWN #23, I …


A Special Reminder About Artistic Endeavors Happening This Weekend!

Posted by Blight Productions on November 14, 2008  /   2 Comments

Howdy my friendly Earthlings, This is a little end of the week update: This Sunday my Super Industrial Swamp Rockin’ band, “THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN” takes the stage!  We NEED you folks to come to …


Live T.O.T.S. show one week from now, New Postcard Designs, New T.O.T.S Videos, and another Life Story Comic strip.

Posted by Blight Productions on November 10, 2008  /   No Comments

Howdy there, my super funkdefied friends, In this weeks blogaroo, I’ve posted up some brand new designs for some super cool postcards I am having printed up to give out to you and your friends …


Blight is back in his 22nd all new Missing Adventure, Video and Pics from Blight the Clown’s latest TOTS performance, and fancy new Blight Productions T Shirts!

Posted by Blight Productions on November 3, 2008  /   1 Comment

Greetings and salutations Earthlings, Blight the Clown is back with a real true life story in an all new full color adventure featuring, “Chvad the Thug”.  Check out my latest, “H.P. Lovecraft” inspired drawing.  Peruse …


This Week: TOTS LIVE!!! A Life Story, and a TOTS Music Video!

Posted by Blight Productions on October 27, 2008  /   No Comments

Well, well, well, It’s a new week, lets see what the Blight Blog has in-store for you good folks. Well, only 2 days until you crazy die hard fans journey all the way to New …


Blight gets the dropsies, Special LIVE Event, New CD Release, Halloween Candy Danger, & WACKY YOUTUBE MADNESS!

Posted by Blight Productions on October 20, 2008  /   No Comments

Blight is coming out to play, There is gonna be a show, Chvad has some things to say, For some ROCK you will go, In this weeks fancy newfangled blogeriffic action packed spectacular, Blight the …


This week: Blight Rocks!! Things Outside The Skin LIVE!! and a pinch on the neck from Mr. Spock.

Posted by Blight Productions on October 13, 2008  /   No Comments

Hello my mighty mustard mashers, In this weeks Blight Blog we got your favorite yellow faced clown rocking his brains out in comic strip format and in real life.  Coming October 29th to a venue …


Blight Busts Out the Bass in B&W Comic 3 & Live Musical Madness!

Posted by Blight Productions on October 6, 2008  /   1 Comment

Hey there kiddos, In this weeks Blight Blog, Blight the Clown busts out his bad ass bebop boogie bass for the first time in comic strip format!  I did a major update to the Blight …


Brick Throwin' Bastards In Blight's NEW Comic Strip And Pretty Soon I Am Gonna Blow Up A Moose!

Posted by Blight Productions on September 28, 2008  /   No Comments

Howdy, three times, in a pumpkin patch, I wrote a little poem for you: “Ode to a pickle tree” Bing bong boing, Someone flip a coin, I broke a slippery bone, Last night on the …