Blight the Clown Comic 12d, The end of the first Jane Rose Saga!!!

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I am a little Clown,
And I write a little Blog,
I update weekly comics,
And I live in a swamp bog.

Here it is the moment of truth, the last panel in the first Jane Rose saga!


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For those of you that have had issue following the weekly Jane Rose saga here it is all together as a single strip:


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I have been working on a big ass painting for a few weeks now. I put in a few more hours over the weekend here are some details:

Clown Party 2 Detail 1:

Clown Party 2 Detail 2:

For this week’s influences section I paid a visit to the Brooklyn Museum of Art over the weekend and went to the Takashi Murakami exhibit. Very interesting work. I was very impressed with the images, video and sculpture, but as I walked through the exhibit I read the facts posted on the walls of the gallery and I learned that Takashi Murakami does not actually “make” most of his works. Now, he does conceptualize them on his computer, he designs them, does all the layout and planning, but when it comes to the actual process of creating the work, he hires “masters” to execute the physical work. I know many many artists throughout history have done this, but I still don’t know if I like it or agree with it. For me, his work lost a bit of integrity when I found out this little fact. I took a few stills with my cellphone camera so they look like shit but here you go:

Photo 1 from Brooklyn Museum of Art \

Photo 2 from Brooklyn Museum of Art \

I poked around on youtube and found an interview with Takashi Murakami, that was produced by MOCA in LA. If I ever get the chance to produce another television series about artists I bet I could make a more interesting “Takashi Murakami” segment, given the amount and variety of content.

In other news:

I asked the question last week if folks thought weekly Blight postings were too much. The majority voted and the clowntastic postings will continue to be weekly.

Well that’s it for this week folks. Stay tuned for more clown-ariffic antics every week here in the Blight Productions half-hour hour comedy hour.

Your Pal,
Brian A. Bernhard
Blight the Clown


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