Blight has more trouble in the subway in Comic #7 and other terrible art things

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Good evening,

And welcome to a brand new addition to the Blight Blog.

Today we will explore the dangerous world of the subway system, meet a couple of Blight’s new clown friends, and watch a fun filled PSA video clip that I made a few years ago.

Here it is, the moment the world has been waiting for:

Click the image for a larger version:
The Missing Advenures of Blight the Clown #7

All I can say after this one is WTF!!!!!!! I don’t know, I have no excuses for the bizarreness of this one. I suppose I was having a bad day on the subway. As I seem to draw most of the strips on my way to and from the city on the subway.

Over the past week I was able to make Blight two more special clown friends. Skully the Clown and JoJo the Clown. Both the images are available as high quality prints through Deviant Art. Click on the image to visit the shopping cart on Deviant Art.

Skully the Clown
Skully the Clown meet the world, world meet Skully the Clown. Skully really is a sweet little clown. Sometimes he is slightly misunderstood, but aren’t we all?

JoJo the Clown
Meet JoJo the Clown. He is a fun happy-go-lucky type of clown. He just got his fancy new set of chompers installed so he is happy to show them to you. Oh and look, I think he likes you, you know how I know he likes you…..he is winking at you. No he is not winking at just anyone, seriously, it’s you. JoJo loves you.

Video Time:

I haven’t posted any video for a while so here you go:

This here silly little animation is an old EITC(Earned Income Tax Credit) PSA that I made for CUNY TV. I had to make another version this year because the numbers and figures in this version are outdated. The clip was shot on blue screen, composited in After Effects and Edited In Final Cut Pro.

In other news:
Progress is going well on my new painting and I decided that once I get up to 10 comic strips I will take a small break so that I can finish editing the next clown movie.

Thats all for now. Until next week.

Thanks for your support,
Brian A. Bernhard


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