Blight the Clown gets a lil’ sad in Comic #8, and GO OUT AND WATCH POULTRYGEIST!!

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In this week’s “Missing Adventure”, Blight the Clown gets sad, and boy oh boy, do the shenanigans ensue.

So, I started like 6 drawings this week and I am still working on my latest painting, which is why I have not scanned in any more art other than the new comic. I have not had the time to color anything else. But next week will be flooded with new images.

The one really fun thing I did this weekend was go to the NYC premiere of the latest Troma Entertainment cinematic masterpiece:

Poultrygeist – Night of the Chicken Dead
(Unless you want them to become chicken zombies)

This gruesomely graphic musical masterpiece of hilarious sexploitation shock cinema was well worth my 12 dollars! It’s got everything a Troma fan could want!  Lesbian orgies, toilet-shit-splattered deaths, singing, dancing, chicken zombies, porn stars, decapitations, masturbation, and anything and everything else your week hearts might find offensive.  Good old Lloyd Kaufman did it again. I knew he would, because I had the good fortune of interviewing him last year for my television series “ART or something like it” and I got a sneak peak of the new film. You all should run right out and watch this movie now. If it is not playing at your local movie theater, go there and protest outside the theater until they get a copy. DEMAND POULTRYGEIST AT YOUR LOCAL THEATER!!!

Watch Lloyd Kaufman himself chat about his career and movie making on the EMMY Nominated episode of “ART or something like it” called “H.O.M.E of King Caricature or a Vulgar ToxieClick here to watch the episode (Note-You must have Realplayer installed to view the episode)

H.O.M.E. of King Caricature or a Vulgar Toxie

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