BLIGHT the CLOWN is back in his 4th Amazing Comic Strip Adventure!!!! And more art news than you can shake your sticks at.

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Get ready, get set, GO!!!!!!!!!!

In this all new all exciting bloggeriffic spectacular from the good folks at Blight Productions:




4. And maybe a few other random things.

So to get us started let’s begin with the most pressing issue at hand. The art opening. This is where you can, for the first time ever, see the world famous, one of a kind, 12 inch by 12 inch color explosion of a painting, “Clown Party 1“, right here in New York City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But not only can you see this most astoundingly magnificently brilliant work of artistic genius, but you can see 20 other equally amazing master artists showcasing their work. But folks, that’s not all!! You can also enjoy this one-of-a-kind artistic explosion while eating your favorite Japanese cuisine! And I am not finished yet people!! My friend Mike.A is launching his brand new comic book called “Freaky Dinkys!!” It’s sure to be the best Thursday night of your life!!!!!! Details below:

Thursday April 17th from 7PM – 10PM
“Avenue A” Japanese Restaurant and Gallery
103 Avenue A
Between 6th and 7th Sts
(212) 982-8109

Now on to the next order of business:

I have been drawing like a fiend over the past week, and I have uploaded some more clown drawings to my Deviant Art shop so you can buy affordable high quality prints. Not only can you get the amazing prints, but I have been working on a series of square clown drawings that you can now purchase as a set of drinking coasters!!!! I also uploaded the first episode of “The Missing Adventures of Blight the Clown” to the Deviant Art print shop! Click an image below of your favorite drawing to be taken to the online shop or click HERE to see the whole gallery.

Fanny the Clown

Bert the Clown

At last, what you all have been waiting for, the next wave of comic strip splendor, please welcome to the stage…

The Missing Adventures of Blight the Clown Episode 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Missing Adventures of Blight the Clown Episode 4

One last thing, about a year and a half ago I was commissioned to illustrate a book cover for a teen fantasy story called “PreDestiny“, written by Zenas Cao. I just discovered the book is now available for purchase. Click HERE if you are interested in purchasing this fun little story and the first book cover I was ever commissioned to design and illustrate.

PreDestiny Book Cover

Now for my final thoughts:

How many of you feel like there is never enough time in the day to get things done? I keep feeling this all the time. I have practically given up sleep so that I can get more work finished, and I never seem to get it all done. Maybe this is a sickness or something. I pretty much just work on art every night until I cannot think any more. This usually hits me at around 4AM, then I have to get up at 8AM to get to work (My day job). I have several video projects that I need to finish, but all my motivation seems to be toward these clown comic strips and illustrations. I also have a photographic project I need to finish, but it seems time and mother nature have been plotting against me on that one.

I think my day job (Editing video for a TV station) is effecting my excitement for editing my own video and movie work. I have come to realize that I only get really excited by an idea/ project/ artwork, if it comes from me. I don’t wish this to be true, but the more I live the more I realize that this is the case. I guess this can come across as a bit selfish, but every time I work on a project and it was not my creation or concept, I find it to just be really hard to get motivated to work on it. There have been a few exceptions in the past, but lately, its been rough.

One of the past exceptions has been my band “things outside the skin“. The one person that I have been able to get behind in a collaboration has been my top-knot hairdo sporting, sound mixing obsessed, shingles ridden, chipped toothed, grumpy ass, video game playing brother. He, by the way, has finally finished a mix for the new record. He blogged about it HERE.

Well I guess that’s it for this week, coming next week: New button designs, and more adventures of little Blight the Clown!

Take Care,
Brian A. Bernhard


  1. Isaura says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that u fee so limited by the clock, but from my point of view, time is something that never stopps, if u try to keep up to it, your life ends before u enjoy it… still, work is a necesary vice, and the key is in making life and work compatible..i know u like what u do, and i know that u feel damn proud of the results, so just keep up to the working without forgettig that sometimes u need to look back and apreciate things u have already done for a bit, so u won’t get blind by the idea of all the things u need to get finshed by he end of the day or the week.
    BTW, real nice the clown comic, and the new stuffs too.. kow I‘m your fun ^_^
    Kisses from Chile

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