EMMY news and another video from the archives 02-12-08

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Hello folks,

Another crazy eventful week has passed here at Blight Productions and the air is full of energon cubes. Last Thursday I found out that the television series about artists that I created, edited and produced Called “ART or something like it!” just got nominated for a 2008 NY EMMY. I have no idea if it will win, and I am not even sure it matters that much, its just really cool that it got nominated. It kind of validates the series a bit and might help me make some more episodes. I am not sure, but it sure is a nice feeling to get two EMMY nominations in two years.

Meanwhile, I have updated the Blight Productions online shop. This is the wonderful store where you can buy all kinds of happy fun Blight Productions products. I have tagged all kinds of fun stuff with my drawings and designs. Check it out and get stuff: THE BLIGHT PRODUCTIONS ONLINE STORE

In other news, Blight the Clown will be attending Jef Johnsons’ “Clown Speak” workshop this weekend, and if you want to learn how to speak “Clownease” like the folks in “A CLOWN CAROL”, then you better go to.

The super uber cool video stream room will also be postponed this Wednesday, due to the Valentines Day Holiday “Blight the Clown” will have to attend clown school on Wednesday night instead of the regular Thursday night. And as you all know, I have to attend the class to keep an eye on Blight so he does not get out of control and have an “accident”. Please shoot me an email and let me know if you are interested in joining the “Short Film and Video Art” stream room next Wednesday.


I have posted another video from the archives on my Youtube channel:

This is a music video I made for my friend Gene Coleman back in 2002. He is a Brooklyn based experimental jazz musician. I wanted to see what I could do with a little animation and some stills. The video was entirely made with Adobe After Effects Version 4.


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