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So, some more wacky business has been going on since my last post. This time I will try to hit everything in chronological order list format:

  1. Last Wednesdays stream room was a bit of a bust. I think people might of given up hope, because of its failure to launch the week before last. Only one video artist came to the stream, so in that case it wasn’t a bust for me because I still got to see some new cool video art. Cablevision still has not gotten the connection where it should be. Some of the folks in my building thing someone is hijacking the connection at night. I will keep you posted.
  2. Last Thursday was amazing, Blight the Clown received his first dose of formal training via Jef Johnsons NY Clown Lab. It was an amazing experience. Who would of thought “Blight the Clown” would of made a good vegetable?
  3. Over the weekend I have been updating and rebuilding the Second Life galleries. I am almost finished building the Blight Productions Bigtop. I now have set up a Photography gallery, a drawing gallery, and a painting gallery. I have also connected the Dark Art Swamp and TOTSLAND via a cool tunnel. If you have not checked it out, you should. The Second Life software is free to use and free to set up an account, you don’t even have to use a credit card number unless you want to buy something in the game.
  4. Sunday “Blight the Clown” was forced by the evil Chvad into a sweat shop labor band practice. THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN is furiously attempting to piece together the coolest thing since sliced bread. So keep posted as closely as you can to the bazaar actions of this curious band.
  5. Today, I also uploaded a new wacko video clip onto my Youtube channel. It is a motion graphics demo reel I cut back in 2003. Please check it out here: , and as always don’t forget to rate and comment on the video, that way more people will watch it.
  6. This coming Wednesday I am going to have to cancel the Stream room. But this is for a good cause. I have tickets to see George Romero in NYC presenting his latest zombie creation “Diary of the Dead”. But I promise that the screening room will be back up the following week.

So thats it for now,

Brian A. Bernhard
Blight Productions

PS. so Ok you didn’t go to the youtube channel yet here is the clip, but please try and make it over there to leave you ratings and comments:

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