SAVE ME! (Response to Uncle Pappy’s REVENGE) – MADAM (EP. 10)

Dear Uncle Pappy and Internaut pals,,

Help me! Help me! I think Mister Muzzle has traveled all the way to the coast of Australia to kill me! Although, I have a little bit of protection. Please help me!


Madam is a world explorer, poet and philosopher. She lives in isolation, but resides among the public. She is the only forward thinker in a backwards world (literally). In order to communicate with the world as well as share her musings and ideas, she created the web series “MADAM”. In this video series she will document her life in the form of a vlog on YouTube.

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Please note: In Madam’s world, you are all backwards, you speak, breath, eat, write and think backwards. She cannot understand you, but if you can figure out how to speak her language, she would love to hear from you. Feel free to post comments and video responses, just remember you must speak her language.

(MADAM is part of the Viral Sockpuppets Network =

Jessica Arpin

Edited by
Brian A. Bernhard

Produced by
Blight Productions

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