Gone Fishing – With Uncle Pappy! (An Interactive Narrative)

Uncle Pappy needs a break, his heart cannot take all this drama. His doctor prescribed him a few weeks of fishing. He will be back soon to figure out this dilemma!

In the meantime, use the annotated links in the video to explore the narrative so far.

A special thanks to Uncle Pappy’s pal Breadfoot for the wonderful instrumental version of, “Learnin’ Blues” click here to visit Breadfoot’s channel & subscribe to him, he is awesome:

Uncle Pappy is part of the Viral Sockpuppets Network:

The Viral Sockpuppets is an interactive narrative game played through the YouTube network. Please check out the website if you would like to play!

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Created, Produced, Written, Edited & Performed by
Brian A. Bernhard

Music by

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