30 Videos/30 days: CHINA DAY 13

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If you have never hiked the Great Wall of China, I don’t think there is any way to clearly understand the scale of it. I think that you really need to be in a spot with nothing else around for miles except for a long winding wall that snakes through the mountains like an endless python to really understand the situation. I hope this video gives you a glimpse into what the journey was like. Beginning from the bus ride and all the drama that ensued, to the immensity of the wall and finally the setting sun, please take a walk with us.

The music used is from the Nine Inch Nails album Ghosts and is licensed for use under the Creative Commons.


30 Videos/30 days: CHINA DAY 13

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  1. Anne says:

    Best quote ever: “It is very good and Brian is too slow.”

    Great piece. Beautiful. Looks like it was a grueling walk, but you guys still had some fun.

  2. Jessica says:

    Such awesomeness. I am so happy you chose to share these adventures with us.
    2 questions: How many miles did you end up walking? Did the bus break on the way home?
    My favorite part: The blight dance on the great wall of china!

    Keep up the great work & travel safe.

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