30 Videos/30 days: CHINA DAY 07

Posted by on May 30, 2010 in 30VIDEOS/30DAYS, CHINA


On the 7th day of the Parsons China trip we went to the most amazing art’s district “798” and the an incredible Chinese MC/Break Dancing Battle. Unexpectedly in the Arts district, I ran into a beautiful exhibit by one of my favorite videos artists Tony Oursler. Then, at the dance battle, the entire Parsons crew was schooled in cultural relations when Danny Greiger (The only non hearing person in our group), jumped into the dance battle and held his own while facing off with some badass Chinese dancers.

30 Videos/30 days: CHINA DAY 07



  1. Jim Moore says:

    Wild camera work dude. Can you video tape some cute chinese girls for me? lol
    Have a blast!

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