A CLOWN CAROL – The Marley Murder Mystery

This movie has screened at:

  • The 2007 Gene Frankel production of “A Deep Dickens'”
  • The 2009 Backseat Film Fest
  • The 2009 New Filmmakers Summer Series

The Clown-Noir Holiday Classic that has Charles Dickens rolling over in his grave.

A CLOWN CAROL – The Marley Murder Mystery, is a new spin on a classic Holiday tale — the latest short movie from writer/director/editor Brian A. Bernhard (creator of the EMMY® nominated television series “ART or something like it!”).

There is a murder in Clownland. Someone sinister has committed a horrible crime, but who? Just as Scroogie the Clown gets back to his shop after morning the death of his long time business partner, Marley the Clown, he must deal with a nagging nephew, a clumsy freezing assistant, a couple of bumbling charity collectors, an annoyingly noise caroler group, and a marvelously mysterious doorway specter. Attempt to figure out, “Who done it?” in this shockingly funny clown-noir, “A CLOWN CAROL – The Marley Murder Mystery.”

Barry Mitchell as Scroogie the Clown
Michael Freeland as Marley the Clown
Jerrod Bogard as Crachie the Clown
Elias as Bobo the Clown
Sam Dingman as Charity Clown Collector 1
Garrit Hall as Charity Clown Collector 2
Julian Hintz (Julz-A) as Clown Caroler
Anne Kugler as Clown Caroler
Chvad SB as Clown Caroler
Rainbow Blight as Clown Caroler

Original Score by
Chvad SB

Produced/Written/Directed & Edited by
Brian A. Bernhard

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