SurvivaBall Info-Commercial (The Yes Men)

Here is the (no-budget) info-commercial we produced, wrote, directed & edited for the Yes Men back in 2009. We are not sure why it never got blogged on our website, but to celebrate the successful fundraising Kickstarter campaign for their new movie, here it is…

A Commercial for Americas Most Trusted Companies!

We are America’s largest companies, and we have a plan to save you from the wide range of catastrophes that are likely to come from our increasingly unstable climate.

While others look to Senate bills or UN accords for a climate solution, we look to our best engineers.

And our expert team has come up with a solution in perfect accord with our values.
Technological. Profitable. And, dare we say, beautiful.

Videography by
Trent Ermes

Editing by
Brian A. Bernhard

Produced by
Blight Productions

Client: The Yes Men

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