New Comic Ep#2, Blight makes a balloon, some new/old video art and another movie review!

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The saga continues with “The Missing Adventures of Blight The Clown” Episode #2!!

Click the thumbnail below to view the new comic:

“The Missing Adventures of Blight The Clown” Episode #2!!

So, now that you have read the second adventure of Blight, if you like strip, please tell all your friends. Send everyone you know a link to the blog and website so they too can enjoy the adventures of everyones favorite little clown.

This past week I managed to celebrate another year of life, and survived the weekend. So hooray me! I also managed to catch a sneak preview of the new film “Run, Fat Boy, Run!” starring Simon Pegg (Hot Fuzz & Shaun of the Dead) and directed by David Schwimmer (Friends). The movie was pleasantly funny mixing both comedy and mild silly drama. Some of the bits are cliche, but Simon Pegg has such great timing he makes all the moments work. I do recommend going to see the movie, it was quite fun.

More happy fun video art from the archives:

This is another old video art piece I made with my good old Windows 95 486PC with a 2gig hard drive and 16megs of ram. Editing and compositing in Ulead video studio. I think this was the first project I made an attempt do any sort of compositing. I also think this was my first attempt at capturing some kind of “Clowning” on video.

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