Wacky movie reviews, and "Just Another Feety Bunny"!

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Well, well well,

Another week has passed, and is time for another blog for your entertainment. There is all kinds of fun time goodness in this posting boy-howdy. I have been busy compositing the scenes for the next clown movie more on than in my next posting. I also watched a bunch of movies; as well as, scanned, digitized, and archived some more art and video.

Here is the quick rundown review of the movies I watched this week:

  1. Eddie Murphy’s “Norbit” – Awful movie, so pathetically bad it makes me wonder what happened to Eddie’s comedic genus. Don’t bother watching this schlock.
  2. Turistas – This pathetic excuse for a horror film seems like it sets out to do for Brazil what Hostel did for Eastern Europe, but miserably fails. Nothing even happens in the movie until about 80% of the way through. Don’t waste your time on this crap either.
  3. Stephen Chow’s “CJ7” – Brilliant movie. Don’t watch this only expecting another Kung Fu Hustle, this movie is something else entirely. This film is an amazing kids movie, with cute characters, silly comedy, and moral lessons to be learned. Go to the theaters right now and watch this fun children’s scifi classic.
  4. Crank – This was a fun mindless action adrenaline rush film. That’s about it. Watch it so you can see Jason Statham kick the shit out of practically everyone else in the film.
  5. Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter – Wow, is just about all I can say. Be sure to watch this with a large group of people. Watch Jesus get his ass kicked, watch as Jesus kicks some ass, watch as Jesus tries to save the lesbians, watch Jesus’s best friend masked wrestler “Santos” save the day and kick more ass. Watch this film for good unwholesome low budget fun.
  6. Swarm of the Snakehead – A movie who’s selling point is that it features Leatherface’s Gunner Hansen. Some interesting moments in the silly attempt to make a family friendly low budget horror comedy, but it was rather hard to get past the really horrible digital effects, CGI, and terrible video image quality. The DVD looked like it was made in iDVD or some other free DVD authoring software and edited on some nonlinear editing system that was made back in the 80’s. Watch this for some good Mystery Science Theater action with friends around to help you suffer through it.

Outside of movie watching I had the chance to archive and post some old artwork:

Below is a photo I took of a friend that worked at the Fun House with me back in 1997.  The image was a black and white silver gelatin print that I hand painted.

Chloe in the Fun House

I then decided to dig through some old sketches and upload this drawing:

Just Another Feety Bunny by Brian A. Bernhard

Thats about it for this week.

Stick around, sign up to the mailing list, visit my website, buy some art and watch some videos.

Rock on and fight the power,

Brian A. Bernhard

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