New Painting "Clown Party #1", new "old" video clip and other wacky news and events

Posted by on Mar 4, 2008 in BLIGHT PRODUCTIONS NEWS


So this past week has been an interesting one. I finished the rough cut for the new clown movie I shot last week (The Love Story) and I do believe it might just be the most insane creations to ever leak out of my head. I have been brain storming like crazy on how I am going to create the back grounds for the movie, so I have decided I am going to go to Central Park for a little photo shoot, because that’s the park I had in mind when I storyboarded the movie anyway. I have also been painting like crazy for the past two or three weeks (I lost track) to bring to you my latest wack-job, nut house madness. Here is the painting below.

Clown Party #1

If you dig it contact me so you can buy it or show it in your fancy gallery. This is the first in a series of “Clown Party” paintings I am planing to complete.

Also, in other news, I posted another video clip for your viewing enjoyment.

This is another old station ID I made for WNYE TV 25 in NYC that never got used for anything. All the graphics were done in After Effects and I composed the music in soundtrack.

In TOTS related business, we got together this past weekend to recorded more insane noise for the new album. I wont say exactly what we did, but its probably the closest thing to a barbershop quartet TOTS will ever get. I am also working on getting some fancy TOTS and Blight balloons for Blight the Clown to pass out at upcoming shows. Stay tuned, as soon as the come in I will post up some pictures of them.

Dont forget to swing on over to the online shops at Blight Productions to get yourselves some fancy original blight productions art, hats, shirts and other nifty swag.

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