I want to be a Nerdist when I grow up (Another ABC shoot) featuring Chris Hardwick!

Posted by on Nov 17, 2011 in ABC NEWS, BLIGHT PRODUCTIONS NEWS


Last week, the “Nerdist” Chris Hardwick rolled into town and my friend Barry Mitchell tossed on his producer hat once again. This time knowing that Chris grew up in a bowling alley, he decided to challenge him to a game at Bowlmor Lanes in Times Square. I must tell you folks, this was another great experience, for such a busy guy, producing an amazing podcast, a live comedy venue at Nerdmelt in LA, hosting multiple television shows including the “Talking Dead” on AMC, and launching a huge video network on YouTube, Chris was incredibly personable, amazingly friendly and just an all around really great dude. The following video clips are the results of the Mitchell/Hardwick bowling match, enjoy:

Barry Mitchell Interviews “The Nerdist” Chris Hardwick for ABC World News Now!!

Nerdist Part 2 “The Outtakes”

Look folks, I got my nerd on with the Nerdist!
Brian & Chris Hardwick


  1. Mandy Dalton says:

    Well done! Love the work!

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