Clown is the moment you are born, your pure innocence, and the rest of your life you are trying to get it back again. –Jango Edwards


A FOOL’S IDEA is a documentary project about physical comedy, performance art, creativity, circus, inspiration, life & clown; from EMMY® winning writer/director/editor Brian A. Bernhard.

The concept is simple: We are interested in exploring this crazy, powerful and historically amazing art form called “clown” and its practitioners. We also thought that there might be a few others out there curious about what these amazing artists have to say, so we decided to find individuals who have dedicated their lives to the craft of clowning and ask them questions about topics other creative people might be interested in.

Each episode (with the exception of a few specials here and there) is centered around one thesis question. Once asked, each artist responds with their educated perspective on the matter. You might not agree with everyone, but isn’t that truly the point of a conversation? Our goal is not to define concrete answers to each question, but rather to build a dialogue about creativity, life experience and process.

If you have an opinion about a question, please share it. If you have a question you would like us to ask, let us know. Help us build the creative story of our community. The reason we chose to make an ongoing series about creativity is because the story is too big to justly contain everything in an hour and a half. There are always more creative minds with original perspectives, unique experiences and inspirational stories we can learn from.

Please visit: http://www.afoolsidea.com

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