Blight gets the dropsies, Special LIVE Event, New CD Release, Halloween Candy Danger, & WACKY YOUTUBE MADNESS!

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Blight is coming out to play, There is gonna be a show, Chvad has some things to say, For some ROCK you will go, In this weeks fancy newfangled blogeriffic action packed spectacular, Blight the …


This week: Blight Rocks!! Things Outside The Skin LIVE!! and a pinch on the neck from Mr. Spock.

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Hello my mighty mustard mashers, In this weeks Blight Blog we got your favorite yellow faced clown rocking his brains out in comic strip format and in real life.  Coming October 29th to a venue …


Brick Throwin' Bastards In Blight's NEW Comic Strip And Pretty Soon I Am Gonna Blow Up A Moose!

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Howdy, three times, in a pumpkin patch, I wrote a little poem for you: “Ode to a pickle tree” Bing bong boing, Someone flip a coin, I broke a slippery bone, Last night on the …


PREMIERE!! Blight the Clown in, "Not Everything is in Black & White" #1

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Howdy folks, I made a new comic strip, just for you. It’s all black and white, there is no blue. This is a new series, I will make more than one. A black and white …


Blight feels the pressure in comic #21!

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Well Howdy Folks, Back flippin’ biscuits and jingle jangle spores, Blight the Clown’s sleepy time and really loud snores, I made a new comic and I finished just in time, To post it in the …


I love Blight the Clown – Testimonials(the video), Comic Strip #19, and a German adventure.

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Howdy there ladies N’ gentlemen, It’s been two weeks since my last posting.  I hope you all have managed to not lose your minds, too much.  I’ve got a goofy new video, featuring a bunch …


Theaters, Camping, Old People and Blight the Clown in Comic 18

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Hello, hello, hello, Come one, come all, Step right up, Don’t be shy, Mosey on over and don’t ask why, The things you will see, Are out of sight, For coming up next is a …


ALL NEW COMIC STRIP NUMBER 17, and a bunch of website updates.

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Good morning world, In an all new episode of Blight the Clown’s Missing Adventures, Chvad the Thug makes an honest confession, and our clowntastic hero speaks something that some might consider words for the first …