poster 5928 Julian Lane

An Amazing Tarzana Ca. Luxury Home @ 5928 Julian Lane

We have recently been delving into the real-estate game.  Taking on the challenge of exploring the visual narrative of a luxury home. It’s a fascinating experience to visualize a home; especially when the home owners are still living in it and the staging can only be done one room at a time.  This was the former home of a very successful Hollywood producer, whose credits you can guess about in the comments section.

Enjoy the video & don’t forget to check out the high rez architectural photo package we produced along with it.

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  • poster 5928 Julian Lane
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  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6385
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6389
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6395
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6400
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6410
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6412
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6418
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6439
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6440
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6443
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6444
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6445
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6446
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6449
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6450
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6459
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6463
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6471
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6478
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6482
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6485
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6490
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6491
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6494
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  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6497
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6502
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6504
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6506
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6508
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6509
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6510
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6527
  • 2015-09-01-Getzels Homes-6531

Produced, Shot & Edited by
Brian A. Bernhard

Music by
Pascal Guyon

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