Thoughts on, “Noah’s Arkansas” a play by Jerrod Bogard (but not really a review)

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Howdy there folks,

I just wanted to give you good folks a little heads up about a fancy new play by insane writing and acting genus Jerrod Bogard. This maniac has been a long time collaborator of mine, being a featured artist on my EMMY nominated series, “ART or something like it!”, playing Crachie the clown in my short movie, “A Clown Carol”, and writing all the material for, “The Spin Cycle” which featured brilliant actor “Justin Ness” in a series of videos that I directed and edited (who just so happens to be cast as the lead again in Jerrod’s new play, “Noah’s Arkansas”).

You all should really go see his play, I saw a very early script reading, and it was fantastic. I am looking forward to checking out this new one sometime this week.

More info about the play is below:

Wayne Riggins loves his small-town life– lives in a sweet double-wide trailer with his beautiful second wife, goes fishing with his dad, sees his teenage son three months every summer. But into every life a little rain must fall, and Wayne has to learn how to swim right fast if he wants to save everything from just washing away.

Wednesday – Sunday, April 21 – May 15
at Wings Theatre, 154 Christopher Street, NY NY.

The cast includes Justin Ness*, Erik Frandsen*, Mike Komala, Kristin Skye Hoffmann, Bennett W. Harrell, Judy Merrick and Lucy McRae.
(* appears courtesy AEA) or 212-300-5939 for information.


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