An open letter to the year 2010:

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(A January 2010 Artist Statement)

It is with great excitement that I have entered your first month. January has been treating me rather well. Within just the first three weeks, I was able to finish two more episodes of, “A Fool’s Idea” (my web-series about clowns, created during my first semester at Parsons), finish building my second storage loft, install my new projector and screen, re-cut and post three random video art pieces, design and have printed two sets of stickers and a promotional postcard, perform the first live show with my band in over a year to a completely packed audience, and submit two short movies to 20 film festivals.

Throughout all of my recent adventures I have been trying to consume as much relevant media as I can to fuel my synapses. I am currently working my way through a stack of clown history books, including the out of print book, “CLOWNS” by John Towsen. Due to the nature of my clown-inspired web-series I have been going to at least two or three clown shows a month; acquiring video footage of the performers, networking and scheduling interviews that will be used to cut together future webisodes.

The months ahead seem like they will be pretty interesting. The second semester in my MFA program at Parsons just started and so far everything is looking good. For spring break I am planning a trip to Spain for the first time ever, so that I can interview a bunch of clowns for my web-series and create an improvisational multimedia clown show with my conspirator-friend, “Jef Johnson”. I am also excited about a project that I have scheduled with Parsons this coming summer, where I plan to make 30 short documentaries in 30 days. I am hoping to finish several works in progress: The pilot for an animated series about Blight the Clown, the companion comic book, and a complete online archive of the comic strips I have drawn over the past two years.

As always, when so many amazing things happen, the shit storm is always around the bend. I am ready and waiting for this big pile of fecal matter to come flying in my general direction, so I can slap it in the face with a giant wet fish. I am making a formal request that you do your best to keep your foul matter to yourself, and if you cannot control your 2010 urges, I will be very disappointed in your integrity as a year. I might make an attempt to discredit your yearly status and remove you from the history books. Keep yourself in check, my good year, for if you run amuck, you will incur a terrible blight, and a rubber chicken will be tossed in your general direction.

Best wishes,
Brian A. Bernhard


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