4th of July – With Uncle Pappy! (An Interactive Narrative)

Uncle Pappy is back with a 4th of July spectacular! He has a wonderful little song prepared and a few fantastic clips from his ever-so-relaxing fishing trip. However, something still just ain’t right and he’s going to need your help to resolve his dilemma.

Uncle Pappy is the current protagonist of the “Viral Sockpuppets”. An interactive story-making game played through the YouTube network. For the official game rules please click here:

Please post a response video explaining or showing Uncle Pappy what happened and what he should do next, then submit it to the moderator panel on the Blight Productions YouTube channel:

A special thanks to Uncle Pappy’s pal Breadfoot for his kick as banjo music click here to visit Breadfoot’s channel & subscribe to him, he is awesome:

If you dig the video, leave some comments, “thumbs up” the video and subscribe to the channel for the most amazing interactive narratives to ever be designed for YouTube!.

Created, Written, Produced, Directed, Shot, Edited & Performed by
Brian A. Bernhard

Music by

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