METal 2015 Year of the Champions

So, Glenn Hemanes (from KG Dynamic) & I worked up a video commemorating some of the amazing projects which were developed this past year as a result of the friendships, partnerships & collaborations formed at METal International!

Special thanks to Scott Page & Randy Emata for adding the secret sauce to our wacky little video.

Extra special thanks to Ken Rutkowski & Maya Ross for providing us all with a collaborative community of brilliant giving minds, who are always ready willing and able to learn from and help each other make the world a better place.

This video features some of the most amazing / game changing people in the history of the human race!

Bart Baggett
Lloyd Marino
Bibop G. Gresta
Brian A. Bernhard
Marco Tempest
John Vitale
Bradford Robert Parks
Scott Page
Lanre Idewu
Gerry Kelly
Ben Cooke
Elan Lee
Glenn Hemanes
Nolan Bushnell
Ken Rutkowski
Ben Landis
Josh Isaacson
Dirk Ahlborn
Nathaniel Pitchon Getzels
Leonard Rashad Dixon
Will Henshall
Per Sjofors
Christopher Cooper
Randy Emata
W Dilan Jay
Sam Morris
Gregory Markel
Richard Gibbs
Neil Cannon
Ken Dubner
Artist Jabu
Kelly Lefkowitz
Jay Jacoby
Maya Ross
Patrick Netter
Simon Treselyan
Mark Restivo
Steve Weinberg
Michael Warre
& Jay Levin

Co-Produced by
Glenn Hemanes & Brian A. Bernhard

Edited by
Brian A. Bernhard

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