Comic #12a, SL haunted house, another influential video, and it’s hot as hell tonight!!



Well good golly, it’s so damn hot outside my gigantic clown balls are sticking to the side of my leg!

Oh my, what kind of language is that? Who wants to read that kind of shit? I know the only reason you people check out this site is to see the next exciting episode of everyone’s favorite clown. You are in luck, I just finished this week’s extra special comic. This is the first panel in another strip inspired by my real life. My good friend, “Little Jane Rose” is introduced to the world of Blight this week in the first part of a four part continuing miniseries. These are extra large panel drawings so they are being released as a miniseries. Enjoy the adventure:


Although Little Jane Rose seems to be a crazy psychopathic abuser of clowns, she is actually an extremely talented special effects makeup artist and filmmaker in real life. For more about this talented clown abusing psychopath check out her website:

In other news:

Haunted Hotel in Second Life

I have been building a crazy haunted house in the video game virtual world “Second Life”. It is 5 floors featuring textures made from a photo of an actual haunted house I took on a visit to New Orleans a few years ago, a spiral tunnel, crazy ghosts, a demonic labyrinth, a torture room, a mad scientist laboratory, and many many more creepy surprises! I will be posting updates here on the progress of the house and the sim. When it is finished I will post a url so you can experience the insanity!

This week’s influential video clip:

This video was featured on youtube’s front page a few weeks ago. It reminds me of some of the work I was doing back in college, but to a much, much larger degree. When I was working on making animations with a pencil, eraser and a sketchbook, this guy is using the walls of buildings, paint and an entire city as his canvas. When I saw this video it completely blew my mind. While watching this just remember that every image is a complete painting photographed with a still camera. The scale of this is just incredible.

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  1. chvad says:

    panel was good. strip was good. why do you hate me so much!?!?!? 🙂

  2. Why would you think I hate you? You are my hero! I loooove you!

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