Blight the Clown Comic Strip #10, My Feetz Too Big, and a pretty flower!

Posted by on May 26, 2008 in BLIGHT PRODUCTIONS NEWS


So this posting will be short and sweet so I can get back to working on some art!

On top of the pile is the latest greatest funktastic comic strip:


Next up is a fancy new Blight the Clown dancing panel:

My Feetz Too Big!
(Click for a larger image)

(Available through Deviant Art as high quality print and a drink coaster)


I think I will start a collection of my favorite clown performances on this here blog. These will help people understand my perception of clown. I will begin to share things that inspire me. I will do my best to label the videos properly so there is no confusion between my work and the work of other that inspires me.

Here is the first posting of videos that inspire me:


This is an amazing performance by Housch-ma-Housch, it is a tad bit out of sync in some of the audio, but thats hot his fault, I blame Youtube.

And I will leave you all off with a pretty flower picture I took last weekend!

Ain’t it Just Dandelion!
(Available as a high quality print throught Deviant Art)

Blight the Clown
Brian A. Bernhard


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