Beau Marie (Voice Over Artist | Actor | Shooter)

Beau Marie is a Voice Over artist who has worked with Patrick Stewart and William Shatner. Well, technically they weren’t in the room at the time of recording his VO for Star Trek Legacy and Conquest video games, and also, he never really got to meet them. But if you play the games, you can hear him obeying their commands. Some of his other VO credits include the narrator for an award winning short entitled: 10 minute Macbeth. Some of his favorite acting challenges have been voicing The Riddler, Jamie in Long Days Journey Into Night and Jim Hawkins in Treasure Island.





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    Stephan Meyers AKA “Breadfoot” (Music Composer)

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    Brian A. Bernhard (Owner | Producer | Editor | Shooter)

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    Carmela Sinco (Music Composer)