5 Ideas for a better video production work flow.

Posted by on Jun 15, 2009 in BLIGHT PRODUCTIONS NEWS


1. Everyone that considers themselves “Producers” should have the skill to actually PRODUCE a video all on their own, before they work with others in a professional environment.

2. Unless you are creating an experiment in improvised video production, and all parties involved in the production agree to this, you should think out, outline, storyboard, script and block out every aspect of the production BEFORE the cast and crew show up.

3. Always label you footage in a way that everyone can read and understand.

4. Always make sure everyone on the production knows their role/job on the production, so that they stick to it and do not step on any  toes.

5. Unless you can afford to pay your cast and crew, always make sure your project is something they can be proud of, believe in, and feel part of.



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