#KapinskiDarkness, “Clue Number One” – Part 08 of 16 – @buttkapinski

Posted by on Jul 9, 2013 in IMPROVISED VINE STORIES


On the evening of Friday, June 14th 2013, our thrill seeking idiot journalist and local “on-the-scene” documentarian of all things clown “Brian A. Bernhard” followed the world famous hard-boiled private detective “Butt Kapinaki” (AKA: Deanna Fleysher) as he worked the now infamous “who-dun-it” case filed under the name “#KapinakiDarkness”. Brian documented every moment from lurking around the Hollywood Hills – to picking locks, searching for clues and finding the (often regrettable) answers, as “Butt” painstakingly solves one mystery after another in one of the most nightmarish cases known to man. Each video loop is another six seconds down the rabbit hole of this mind-bending crime-caper, make sure you watch them all so that you can help peel back the darkness!



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