Kickstarter Vs. A Fool’s Idea = Money Vs. Clown = Control Vs. Freedom & A Look Into The Future!

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So, we didn’t make our Kickstarter goal…so, right now we can’t really afford to keep producing inspirational stories about physical comedy, performance, life and clown…so, we haven’t been able to connect “A Fool’s Idea” with a large enough audience to make crowd-funding a viable option…


We are already way too invested and passionate about “A Fool’s Idea” to let this little speed-bump slow us down!

I want to give a shout-out to all the amazing people that backed our project, we didn’t come remotely close to our goal, but we had 59 amazing people that showed us some financial love. Even though we are not going to receive any of the money we managed to raise, we decided to still move forward with the “Special Thanks” page on the Fool’s Idea website and tell the world how awesome you people are anyway.  Second, if you backed us and still want a poster and a sticker, please email us your snail mail address through the “Fool’s Idea” website with the subject “I backed you fools, and I want my clown schwag!”.

If you still want “A Fool’s Idea” t-shirt, they are available to purchase through our t-shirt shop HERE.

The last 30 days have been an epic learning experience. The project itself has grown into something larger and more fulfilling then we could have ever imagined. While the Kickstarter was not financially successful, it did connect our message with a much larger community of artists, performers, physical comedians, teachers and clowns. We also have a much better understanding of how our audience (hopefully you) prefers to engage with our project.

We are going to continue moving forward as planned with the original documentary series. Unfortunately, episodes of the series will not be released as fast as we had planned because it will take us much longer to complete them without a budget. However, while we shape and sculpt new episodes of our documentary series, we will also continue to bring you new episodes of the Fool’s Idea podcast on a weekly basis. In addition to the podcast and the documentary series, we have also introduced a new artist profile series called “A Fool’s Idea – Presents:”. This way we can paint intimate portraits of clowns around the world.

“A Fool’s Idea” now offers three different points of entry to our stories: two web-series that explore the world of clown in vary different ways and an interview podcast so you can listen to our conversations with amazing physical comedians and clowns from all over the world.

Over the next few months, we will release a new podcast episode every Monday and we will release new videos as regularly as we can, until we find a budget in order to guarantee a consistent weekly schedule.

Our plan for the future of this project is to spend the next few months bringing you even more amazing interviews on a weekly basis via the podcast, some truly inspiring profile stories, and hopefully release a new episode of the documentary series once a month. With your help we can build even more support for our vision, and in a few months we will try to crowd-source again with a much more focused vision.

All we ask is if you like what we are doing, and find meaning, inspiration and value in “A Fool’s Idea“. Please help promote the project as much as possible, interact with our videos, share them on your social media outlets, comment on our videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel and subscribe to us on iTunes.

We are trying our best to make this project a special place for you to learn about physical comedy/clown and be inspired, but we need your input and interaction to make it great!

Here is a little preview of the incredible guests we have coming up over the next few weeks on the podcast!



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