A Fool’s Idea – Comedy, Performance, Life & Clown (THE KICKSTARTER)

Posted by on Feb 20, 2013 in BLIGHT PRODUCTIONS NEWS


Clown is the moment you are born, your pure innocence, and the rest of your life you are trying to get it back again. — Jango Edwards

Welcome to the “finishing funds” Kickstarter campaign for the second season of “A Fool’s Idea”, the documentary web-series about comedy, performance, life & clown.


Hey folks, thanks for joining our conversation. We have just launched our very first crowd-sourced fundraising campaign ever and we want to make it awesome! Please take a moment to watch our pitch video…

Now that you have seen the video, please check out our kickstarter package and learn more about the upcoming season and about the awesome “rewards” we have put together for you! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blightproductions/a-fools-idea-comedy-performance-life-and-clown

If you enjoy what we are doing, please donate now, don’t wait. The more people who help us out at the beginning of the campaign the better off we will be and the more likely we will reach our goal! We want to continue making this series for many years to come for you, please help us continue to inspire the world!

We had a ton of fun making this video and putting together this campaign, check out this little collection of images we made along the way, featuring a few great shots with the wonderful clown troupe “ClownMa dell’Arte“, while they helped us out on the video shoot.


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