“Movember” Day 07- Saving Organic Turkey Basters With Mustache Love!

Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in THE BLIGHT VLOGS


“Movember” Day 07
Saving Organic Turkey Basters With Mustache Love!

Be sure to tell Brian what kind of stash he should craft in the comments section of THE YouTube page by SUNDAY NOVEMBER 11th 2012!!!!!!!!!!

Be sure to leave your comment on the actual YouTube page, so I can find it easier! http://youtu.be/bld3G0FCDns
We have decided to try and save the prostates & balls of America by growing a mustache on our fearless leaders ugly mug. The event is called “Movember”, where you sponsor Brian to look like an idiot with a dead rat on his upper lip, then we give the loot over to charity!

Please visit this website to donate your hard earned cash to save not only the balls of America but the balls of the WORLD!


Also learn more about “Movember” here: http://youtu.be/Rnb6NmypnIE


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