Adam Carolla Is NOT a Taco, He Beats Up An Old Boxing Legend, & Jimmy Kimmel Farts Too Much!

Posted by on Jul 12, 2012 in ABC NEWS, BLIGHT PRODUCTIONS NEWS


Blight Productions (Brian A. Bernhard) & Adam Carolla!

Just before Blight Productions evacuated New York City and relocated to the sun and sand of Long Beach California, that crazy comedian from ABC World News Now “Barry Mitchell” asked us to help him out once again on an interview with that crackpot funny-guy/TV-radio show host/ditch digger/Dancing with the Stars contestant/boxing instructor Adam Carolla. I told Barry, “I will only do it if you get in the ring and let him beat the shit out of you!”, Barry responded, “Sure as long as you think it will be funny!” And before you know it, Barry booked a shoot date at the Mendez gym on 5th Avenue. He even booked us a “Ring Girl” to give the piece a bit of a “Man Show” vibe. I think the video came out pretty darn fantastic! Barry gets Adam to open up about poverty, pie and how much flatulence his former “Man Show” co-host “Jimmy Kimmel” is burdened with!

And then Barry got Adam to go into the really good stuff. This stuff is so good it was to HOT for TV! Only watch the video below if you think you can handle Adam’s “Pie Story”!

Co-Produced by Barry Mitchell & Blight Productions
Videography by Blight Productions
Ring Card Girl played by Anna Copa Cabanna

Here is a gallery of still photos I shot after all this madness!

[AFG_gallery id=’2′]


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