Tough Sh*t @ThatKevinSmith, we are making #Clerks3 with #Jay&SilentBob whether you like it or not!

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Ever since I saw that crazy black & white movie about a couple of guys working in a convenience store slinging soft drinks, beer, and inappropriate movies to children, I became an instant Kevin Smith fan. I even remember my “Chasing Amy” experience. I was making my first journey to the big city with my brother and a couple of friends, we were on the way to a rock concert (because what else motivates a bunch of goofballs from the south to drive for 14 hours over the course of one weekend). It was either on the way there or back, I cannot remember the exact timing, we driving through Jersey when someone remembered that “the new Kevin Smith film was just released” and where better to watch the new film by Kevin Smith but a theater in Jersey.

Me and Kevin kicking it “Tought Shit” style!

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago. My friend, frequent collaborator (we have previously created pieces with both Weird Al & comedian Chris Hardwick) & ABC news reporter Barry Mitchell told me that Kevin Smith had a new book out. He asked if I would be interested in helping him produce a piece for Kevin Smith to promote his new book.  I thought it over for about five seconds and said “Hell yes, I would love to do a piece with the man that created Jay and Silent Bob“! Jokingly I remarked, “I will only do it if you put on a wig and interview him, at least part of the interview, as “Jay”. The moment he decided to say “okay”, I knew we were going to have a fun piece on our hands.

Here is the result of this madness, as it aired on ABC World News Now!

Here is a link to the YouTube page if the embed code breaks:


Producer, Writer & Interviewer – Barry Mitchell
Co-Producer & DIrector – Brian A. Bernhard
Camera Operators – Kalin Ivanov & Brian A. Bernhard
Sound Recording & Boom Operator – Chad Bernhard

Coming soon, a special extended interview!


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