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CLOWNLAND – A CLOWN-NOIR COMIC STRIP, Another LIFE STORY, and a whole bunch of T.O.T.S. live show dates!

Posted by Blight Productions on December 8, 2008  /   3 Comments

Well, howdy doo folks, It’s been a while since the last posting. I have been hard at work drawing my fingers to the bone and redesigning parts of the Blight Productions website. In this super …


Blight gets the dropsies, Special LIVE Event, New CD Release, Halloween Candy Danger, & WACKY YOUTUBE MADNESS!

Posted by Blight Productions on October 20, 2008  /   No Comments

Blight is coming out to play, There is gonna be a show, Chvad has some things to say, For some ROCK you will go, In this weeks fancy newfangled blogeriffic action packed spectacular, Blight the …


Blight feels the pressure in comic #21!

Posted by Blight Productions on September 14, 2008  /   3 Comments

Well Howdy Folks, Back flippin’ biscuits and jingle jangle spores, Blight the Clown’s sleepy time and really loud snores, I made a new comic and I finished just in time, To post it in the …