30 Videos/30 days: CHINA DAY 29 FROM SHANGHAI TO NYC

Posted by Blight Productions on August 29, 2010  /   2 Comments

Day 29, the final day in China. I say a few last minute deliriously exhausted words before I leave the E-Arts hotel and go to the airport. I would like to thank Daniel Geiger, Corrie …


Austin, Texas: Bridge Bats, Natural Springs, Trailer Park Cupcakes, Fire Juggling, Yummy Food, Sunsets, & an unemployed Rodeo Clown Named Gus!

Posted by Blight Productions on June 1, 2009  /   2 Comments

Howdy doo, Well, things have been quite busy. Me and the little lady took a trip a little bit ago to Austin, Texas. I decided to challenge myself with a little experiment, I brought my …