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CLOWNLAND 3 -SNIPER- a greedy new comic strip.

Posted by Blight Productions on December 22, 2008  /   No Comments

Howdy my lovely loop-de-loo’s, In this weeks edition of the Blight Blog, I am just posting a new CLOWNLAND comic strip. Enjoy: -CLOWNLAND #3 “SNIPER”- Green, the color of greed, the color of money. Even …


Theaters, Camping, Old People and Blight the Clown in Comic 18

Posted by Blight Productions on August 11, 2008  /   5 Comments

Hello, hello, hello, Come one, come all, Step right up, Don’t be shy, Mosey on over and don’t ask why, The things you will see, Are out of sight, For coming up next is a …