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Blight is back in his 22nd all new Missing Adventure, Video and Pics from Blight the Clown’s latest TOTS performance, and fancy new Blight Productions T Shirts!

Posted by Blight Productions on November 3, 2008  /   1 Comment

Greetings and salutations Earthlings, Blight the Clown is back with a real true life story in an all new full color adventure featuring, “Chvad the Thug”.  Check out my latest, “H.P. Lovecraft” inspired drawing.  Peruse …


Blight gets the dropsies, Special LIVE Event, New CD Release, Halloween Candy Danger, & WACKY YOUTUBE MADNESS!

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Blight is coming out to play, There is gonna be a show, Chvad has some things to say, For some ROCK you will go, In this weeks fancy newfangled blogeriffic action packed spectacular, Blight the …