The Cliff Hanger (Featuring Breadfoot) – With Uncle Pappy (An Interactive Narrative)

The story continues in detective Eugene Pinkerton’s office. Last month BREADFOOT responded and won the popular vote for the second time this season, thus winning the role of protagonist. Watch here as Uncle Pappy is left alone by the cops in the room with the killer. He calls the only “hero” he knows!

Watch the winning narrative suggestion for last month here:

Uncle Pappy is the current protagonist of the “Viral Sockpuppets”. An interactive story-making game played through the YouTube network. Breadfoot just won the popular vote for the second time this season and is now the new protagonist. Please subscribe to his channel here: For the official game rules please click here:

YouTubers, we need your help to continue the game and keep the story going. All you need to do is make a 2 minute or shorter response video with your idea of what happens next.

No big budge production value is needed, just you, your idea, and a video recording device (Webcam, cellphone, video camera, or other)

The deadline for this dilemma is Sept. 30th 2011.

If you do not respond ASAP, there is no telling when Uncle Pappy or Breadfoot will get the help they need.

If we do not know how to help these two fools, we have no idea then the next episode of the Viral Sockpuppets will be posted.

If you are inspired to participate please submit your video response to the moderator panel (obsolete) on this channel:

If you dig the video, leave some comments, “thumbs up” the video and subscribe to the channel for the most amazing interactive narratives to ever be designed for YouTube!.

Created, Written, Produced, Shot, Edited & Performed by
Brian A. Bernhard

Special Guest

Music by

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